Movie Stars: I Thank You

I think we need to thank all of the movie stars, past and present, for educating us about so many things.

The movie stars of the 1930’s and 40’s warned us and taught us about the threat of Fascism and Nazism, even doing it with comedy-drama as Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers did in “Once Upon A Honeymoon” in 1942 and Jack Benny and Carol Lombard¬†did it in “To Be or Not To Be” in the same year.¬† (The latter was remade in 1983 with Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft who as well as playing husband and wife in the movie were husband and wife in real life.)

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Well its a beginning: Poetry, Historical Fiction and “Stuff”.

This is my first post.
I intend to write some poetry and maybe some prose, including some historical fiction, as well as some articles on Common Sense which seems to be lacking in people’s minds, in many cases at least.

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